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Who is up for a challenge?

Challenge, you say?? Yes challenge, not that our lives have enough here is one more to add!

We have been making our sandwich bread for a while now. I have an awesome Whole White Wheat recipe that I have been using and makes a good couple loaves! The only down fall: I don’t have a dough hook, so I have to do it by hand.

Enter bread machine.

From high school.
(yes I got one for my birthday, maybe around 14/15, so the sucker is minimum 12yo)

Just dated myself but I digress… old but yet effective!

So I have another awesome recipe for the machine, and it simple, allows for soaking the grains (aides in digestion! 😉 ) and it will be ready come lunch time!

So here’s the deal, making things from scratch, it’s a pain sometimes, but it saves a ton! You can make a lot on the cheap! And on the cheap, let’s be honest, that’s how we roll around here!

With bread you can make several loaves, allow to cool, slice and freeze. That way you have bread all week. Or if you have a bread machine, throw most of the ingredients in the night before, quick mix to incorporate, let soak all night, add the rest in the morning and turn it on, fresh bread! Every.

Cookies, well lets just say the cook and I are tight, we have an understanding with each other. I devour them and well, they devour me, aka:the spare tire around my waist.

I didn’t say it was a good understanding but hey, you take what you can get!

Make a good couple batches, roll them into balls, place on a cookie sheet and freeze. Once completely frozen, place in a container or bags and pull as needed. Need a quick snack, dessert or the like? You will have fresh-baked cookies in under 15 minutes!

So the Challenge…

I challenge each of you sissies to think about what is the one staple you spend a ton on? (bread, cookies, seasonings, ice cream, crackers, pancakes, waffles etc.)

No, that’s not the challenge, just to think, ha.

Make it! Yep that’s right, make it. Now, it WILL take a few times to find that perfect recipe that everyone loves (or at least majority rules!).  Try a few recipes, see what you like and don’t like, but once you get the groove it will come easily and you will start seeing the savings!

~Master Sissy~